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Stuck at Home? We’ve Got You Covered with Easy Tequila Cocktail Recipes

Stuck at Home? We’ve Got You Covered with Easy Tequila Cocktail Recipes

When trading Papa Lopez favorites, it doesn’t take long for our regulars to bring up our tequila-based drinks, especially our famous “Margarita Flight” samplers, as well as other signature margarita drinks. But if you can’t come to Papa Lopez, you’ll be happy to know that not all tequila drinks are complicated to make. It helps to stock your home bar with a few mixers, but often just a bit of orange juice and few pieces of fruit can transform tequila into a satisfying cocktail.  

Citrus Highball

Serve this crisp, colorful crowd pleaser in rocks glasses -- over ice, of course. In the following order, add: 2 parts tequila, 1.5 parts each sweet vermouth and campari, and 4 parts citrus seltzer, to each glass. Garnish the drink with a citrus slice to match your seltzer.

Given the pinkish shadings that the campari lends to this drink, using grapefruit soda and fresh grapefruit wedges works exceptionally well, but you can also mix it up with orange, lime or lemon versions.  

Tequila Sunrise

This summertime classic deserves to be enjoyed year round --and not just at a Mexican Restaurant! It gets its dramatic layered look by allowing the reddish, heavier grenadine syrup, to slowly sink to the bottom, while the tequila orange mixture floats above.

To start, pour a shot glass of tequila into a small glass of orange juice (about 6 ounces). This mixture gets poured over ice in a tall glass. Next, slowly pour in a shot glass of grenadine syrup. Once it has settled to the bottom, garnish it with a cherry and slice of orange, if you wish.

For a more subtle, pastel sunset look, dilute the grenadine with a bit of the orange juice and tequila mixture before pouring it over the orange layer.   

Tequila Sunrise. This summertime classic deserves to be enjoyed year-round and not just at a Mexican Restaurant!

Dreamy Cream Concoction

A creamy tequila cocktail is a “dream” because it whips up so quickly. Shake together a bit of ice, 2 parts tequila, 1 part crème de cacao and 1 part heavy cream. Strain the mixture into highball glasses that you’ve partially filled with ice, and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Garnishing can change the mood of this versatile, thick drink. If you’re in the holiday spirit, add a dusting of nutmeg. Or go fruity with a few maraschino cherries and a splash of mango juice for color and flavor.

For a totally dessert-like effect, sprinkle the basic creamy cocktail with cocoa powder and shavings of gourmet chocolate. You’ll even find specialty chocolate tequilas to truly elevate your creamy concoction.

Take “Flight” Back to Papa’s

Of course, as much as our talented bartenders love to “mix it up” by sharing tequila cocktail recipes, what we really love is serving you at Papa Lopez. Come by and check out our ever-changing bar and Mexican Food specials!

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