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Making More Meaningful New Year's Resolutions

Making More Meaningful New Year's Resolutions

There’s nothing wrong with promising yourself that you’ll get more fit in the New Year or save more money. But too often we forget to set goals for the things that make our lives richer. Identifying those neglected areas in your life now -- and coming up with solid plans for addressing them -- is a great way to make sure the New Year is a more meaningful one.

Spend More Time with Friends

It’s natural that something has to give when it comes to careers and family. Unfortunately, that “something” is often our friendships. Even though these relationships often weather a little neglect during your busiest years, life just isn't as rich without them.

Rather than keep promising one another that you’ll “have to get together soon,” why not make doing so a regular event? Whether it’s the first Friday night of each month or weekly Sunday brunch, you’ll remember to set up babysitters and avoid conflicting events when it’s always on your calendar.    

And don’t let fears of a messy house or a bare cupboard get in the way of reconnecting! Papa Lopez is a special meeting place with a festive vibe, and of course great food and drinks. Spread your table with “Lopez Special” appetizers and “Margarita Flights” to share, or each your own thing -- we offer everything from fish tacos and brisket enchiladas to classic Mexican and Tex-Mex favorites -- the point is enjoying great food and great company together.

Sometimes classes can help us learn, or perfect an endeavor that we love on its own merits, like sailing or learning to play the guitar.

Master Something New

You’ve probably always vaguely wanted to pursue an artistic endeavor or lean a new DIY skill. Of course, there’s a lot you can pick up from books, podcasts or YouTube, but consider signing up for an actual class or private lessons.

Why make that kind of commitment? Exactly because it is a commitment. Just as setting up a regular time for hanging out with friends ensures that you do so, scheduling -- and paying for -- time to learn your endeavor will make sure it’s not a New Year goals that goes nowhere.

Sometimes classes can help us learn, or perfect an endeavor that we love on its own merits, like sailing or learning to play the guitar. Or perhaps the class gets you one step closer to pursuing a larger dream, as with taking a language course to travel, or learning carpentry so you can afford your new house addition.

Whatever the final goal, learning a new art, craft or skill is an especially meaningful resolution to make, and keep, in the New Year.

Catch the Spirit

Need a fun place to hatch your New Year's Resolutions and reconnect with loved ones? Come over to Papa Lopez for authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex favorites. We’ve got the fun spirit to launch you into the next year in style!

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