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Get Ready to Celebrate National Taco Day

Get Ready to Celebrate National Taco Day

The Mexican food served here at Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina draws inspiration both from Mexico and Texas cuisine, making it a unique and delicious treat to be enjoyed all year round. However, National Taco Day definitely calls for a visit to the cantina to enjoy some of the finest tacos in the area. The event is held annually and celebrated with taco eating contests, cooking competitions, and street festivals. Make sure you understand the history of the famous taco and know what to order before the big day arrives on Oct. 4th.

The History of the Taco

This humble snack has a mysterious past because no one is entirely sure where the name came from. Taco roughly translates into sandwich, and the word refers to any dish in which meat and other forms of protein are packed into a folded tortilla. Whether it's ground beef, chicken, beans, chorizo, carnitas, shrimp, or even squid filling the tortilla, the name remains the same. Tacos are often served with rice and beans to make a filling lunch or dinner, and the convenient shape of a handheld meal made the dish popular among miners and railroad workers.

Soft corn tortillas are the most traditional choice, but hard corn shells offer a great crunch and can hold up to wetter fillings.

Types of Tacos

Aside from their fillings, tacos are often categorized by the type of tortilla used as an outer shell. Soft corn tortillas are the most traditional choice, but hard corn shells offer a great crunch and can hold up to wetter fillings. Flour tortillas are popular in the US, but they don't taste good when baked to harden so they're only used soft.

The Best Tacos to Sample

You can only eat so many tacos on National Taco Day, so choose your order wisely. Some great recommendations include:

  • The Tacos Dorados, which are stuffed with ground beef or chicken and fried before being served with avocado dipping sauce and coleslaw
  • The Fajita Tacos, which come in beef or chicken and include all the classic smoky fajita flavors
  • The traditional Papa's Street Tacos, which are packed with fajitas and topped with cilantro and avocado slices
  • The Brisket Tacos, which feature a slow roasted and smoky beef brisket and optional jack cheese
  • The Papa's FIsh Tacos, which are lighter but still feature all the classic Mexican flavors.

Of course, we have many other options on our menu to suit your needs. Vegetarian guests can request custom tacos featuring their favorite vegetables and Mexican melting cheeses for unique flavors that replace meat. With something for everyone on the menu, Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina should be your first stop on National Taco Day. There's no need to make reservations for our celebration on Oct. 4th because everyone is welcome.