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Celebrate National Just Because Day on Aug. 27

Celebrate National Just Because Day on Aug. 27

Have you ever wanted to do something silly or indulgent on a whim, but you just couldn't bring yourself to do it because of whatever reason?  Now, you have no excuse! August 27 is National "Just Because Day." This is your day to go out and have some fun … just because. Need some ideas on how to enjoy this unofficial holiday? We have a few. 

Surprise Someone

You don't have to go all-out with your surprise. Simply show up on the doorstep of a friend you haven't seen in a while and catch up with each other. Take your partner to a movie that he or she wants to see that, given the choice, you wouldn't. Most people appreciate the small things over the more grandiose.

Visit a Place You Have Always Wanted to Go

This can be something as simple as hiking a trail you have always wanted to go on, but never had the chance. Make sure to take your smartphone with you so that you can take a video or pictures of your experience. If you enjoyed your excursion, and you still have plenty of time, visit another place that you have always been meaning to go.

ideas for celebrating national just because day

Indulge Yourself with Something You've Always Wanted

It can be some small or large item that you wanted to get for a while but always made an excuse not to get it. We all have wish lists of the things we wanted and never dared to indulge in for one reason or another. Shove your guilt and excuses aside and treat yourself! 

Be Silly

Forget singing in the car or in the shower. Gather your kids and teach them silly songs from your past. Do it in your front yard so that all of your neighbors can enjoy your talent. Grab a crude T-shirt or ugly garment that someone gave to you as a gift that you never wear. Put it on and go to the mall. Whatever gets you feeling silly and laughing will do. 

Try Something New

Try out a new restaurant in your neighborhood, and bring a friend or two, just because. They will enjoy an afternoon or evening of delicious food and drinks and good company.

Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina offers both Mexican food and Tex-Mex cuisine. While you're here, you can treat yourself to a refreshing margarita, one of our many tasty entrees and a decadent dessert. It's the perfect thing to do "just because." 

Check out our website to see all of the awesome specials we have and swing by sometime! We'd love to have you.