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The Perfect Songs to Enjoy with a Margarita on Our Patio

The Perfect Songs to Enjoy with a Margarita on Our Patio

Spring is almost here, which means it's just about time to shed those layers and get out into the sun! The perfect place to enjoy the warm weather is on that patio at Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina with a margarita in hand. And there's nothing like some good tunes to set the mood. So we've compiled a list of the best songs to listen to while enjoying a cold, crisp margarita while soaking up some sun on the patio. 

"Drunk in Love" by Beyoncé 

Texas native and musical superstar Beyoncé pours her heart into this rap song that was released in late 2013. "Drunk in Love" is a song that has it all — a great dance beat, thoughtful lyrics and a sense of love and longing. 

"Tequila" by The Champs 

First recorded in 1958, "Tequila" has gone on to become an iconic song. This Latin rock folk song has a memorable beat that lets you tap your feet to it as you sip one of our famous margaritas and dance with your friends. 

Listen to Ellie Goulding's "On My Mind" when you want to let go and just feel the beat

"Africa" by Toto 

The perfect 80s song continues to be an all time favorite for those who love the soft lyrics and charming chorus. Relax with a margarita in the sunshine as you let the rains down in "Africa" help you mellow out. 

"Sorry" by Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber's recent classic pop song is all about letting go and being comfortable with yourself. Listen to his soft voice as you have a party with your BFF's and our margaritas in the spring sunshine. 

"Hands to Myself" by Selena Gomez 

This huge 2016 dance pop song is all about finding love and responding to it. Beloved pop singer Selena Gomez brings a fresh take on the world of love from a unique perspective. The understated beat makes "Hands to Myself" an ideal song to play as you drink margaritas and perhaps reflect on your own love life. 

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"My House" by Flo Rida 

Rap music of any kind has always been the perfect background for a night of fun and partying. This 2015 hit by Flo Rida is no exception. The intense lyrics are all about having a great time at your house with a glass of alcohol and friends you love. 

"On My Mind" by Ellie Goulding 

British native Ellie Goulding offers a voice like a bird as she sings this catchy electropop and R&B tune. One of last year's surprise hits, this song is just right for when you want to let go and just feel the beat with your margarita in hand. 

"Piano Man" by Billy Joel 

One of the all-time rock favorites, pop stylist Billy Joel croons about the life of a pianist at a local bar in this huge 1973 hit. Sing that chorus again with your friends as you get "in the mood for a melody" with our Tex-Mex favorites and the perfect margarita.