Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina
Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina
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Papa Lopez Picks a Favorite Dish for Every Day of the Week

Papa Lopez Picks a Favorite Dish for Every Day of the Week

Great Mexican food makes an ideal meal any day of the week for your entire family. Papa Lopez owns and operates his own Mexican restaurant, so he knows the importance of a family meal. He is the head chef here at Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina and a pillar of the local community.

His devotion to authenticity allows him to bring something unique, authentic and fresh for you every single time you visit his restaurant. Try some of his favorite, mouthwatering Tex-Mex specialties, made fresh daily.

Monday - Taco Salad

Is that long, mind-numbing Monday getting you down? You don't feel like cooking? Visit Papa Lopez instead for his house-made Taco Salad. Start with a freshly prepared flour tortilla bowl. Each bowl is filled with flavorful refried beans, crisp lettuce, meltingly good cheese, hand-diced tomatoes, tangy sour cream, homemade guacamole and bell peppers. Add in your choice of subtly seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken for a little extra protein. 

Tuesday - Camarones Veracruz

Stop here for a happy hour with co-workers after a long, productive Tuesday on the job. Share a filling meal with your colleagues, then enjoy a few margaritas afterward. Papa Lopez suggests his Camarones Veracruz for your Tuesday dish. Chow down on eight carefully grilled shrimp served with seasoned rice and topped with our freshly made ranchero sauce, delicious melted Jack cheese and cilantro. 

The end of the week is an ideal time to try our Street Tacos.

Wednesday - Fried Cheesecake

Happy hump day! Need a little something extra to give you that push toward the weekend? Come by for a quick pick-me-up with our tempting Fried Cheesecake. Papa Lopez takes paper thin puff pastry and wraps it around his homemade cheesecake filling. It is then expertly deep fried and topped with his sweet, delicious raspberry glaze.

Thursday - Supreme Nachos

Thirsty Thursday is here! Pick out a margarita for you and your friends and order Papa Lopez's hand-stirred Coronaritas. Add something a little more filling with an order of the Supreme Nachos for the table. The nachos include Papa Lopez's famous guacamole, delightfully spicy beans and piquant sour cream. 

Friday - Street Tacos

The end of the week is an ideal time to try the Street Tacos. Three corn or flour tortillas are filled with well-grilled beef or chicken and then topped with sizzling diced onions and Mexican cilantro. Each taco is served with Papa Lopez's specially seasoned rice, perfectly cooked beans and fresh avocado slices. 

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Saturday - Build Your Own Grande Burrito

Saturday is the perfect day to enjoy a custom-made foot-long burrito. Enter Papa Lopez's Build Your Own Grande Burrito. Pick from multiple protein choices, then add in any one of a wide array of your favorite fillings. Top the entire dish with one of our homemade sauces. 

Sunday - Mama's Chille Relleno

Sunday Funday is just right for a homemade meal. Try the Mama’s Chille Relleno. A whole roasted poblano pepper is topped with our carefully seasoned ranchero sauce and melted Jack cheese. Each Chille Relleno comes with a side of classic pico de gallo, along with lovingly prepared rice and beans that have been allowed to slowly cook all day long. 

As you can see, it's never a bad day to visit Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina. If you're craving some delicious Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, you know where to go. See you at the restaurant soon!