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Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina
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Explore the Many Benefits of Happy Hour at Papa Lopez

Explore the Many Benefits of Happy Hour at Papa Lopez

Take advantage of the benefits of Happy Hour at Papa Lopez Mexican Cantina. Happy Hour does more for you than just give you a way to relax after a long day at work. Mixing drinks in a relaxed environment goes back the speakeasies of prohibition in the 1920s when alcohol was available in the back rooms of enterprising individuals. Men and women would congregate after work and before dinner to get together for a good time. (We're pretty sure this group would have loved our margaritas!)

In the 1980s, the trend returned and today’s happy hour events at bars and restaurants, like Papa Lopez’s, can help your social, work and personal relationships. Plus, spending time during happy hour in our relaxed, friendly atmosphere can give you the opportunity to sample one of the best margaritas in Allen, Texas, at the best time of day for a little fun and socialization.

Take Time for Yourself

In the busy lives that we lead, running to pick up the kids, getting from one appointment to the next on time, or meeting the week's sales forecast can take a toll on you and your social life. Carving out time to nurture our own needs is important.

Happy hour provides a safe place to discuss crazy ideas without taking anything too seriously. It’s a time to enjoy your margarita while you let the stress of the day slip away. Happy hour is a time to let your hair down, so come join us and mingle. You never know, you might make a new friend! Follow up a drink (or a few) with one of our specials or regular menu items and make an evening of it.

Happy Hour is from 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday

Bond With Your Coworkers

The bonds that form between coworkers often happen at happy hour, where they can learn more about each other. Happy hour can provide the opportunity to network with other employees at your place of work and others. This can provide acquaintances that can help you with your career — after all, it has been proven that those who network tend to be more successful in their jobs. Get together with your coworkers, designate a happy hour day for you and your group and start a tradition.

Enjoy Your Social Life 

Happy hour gives you the opportunity to meet new people if you are single and offers a relaxed time for you and your significant other to connect with each other if you are already in a relationship. Coworkers are more relaxed in a happy hour atmosphere and, unlike at a party, they don’t feel pressured to join. The spontaneity of happy hour is appealing to many people. It is also an inexpensive way to keep your social life active. You may not be able to go to ball games or concerts with friends as often as you'd like. But happy hour is affordable and fun, so you can connect with your people more often.

Happy Hour at Papa Lopez Cantina

At Papa Lopez, you can enjoy a classic margarita as well as a range of other cocktails while relaxing in our brightly furnished dining room and dining on fresh Mexican food. Our weekly specials give you many options when joining us for Happy Hour. We hope to see you soon!  

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